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Just a bit of what We do.

What we do and love doing is breeding and keeping exotic parrots. It's a passion of my wife’s and mine. I guess it makes us feel closer to both our late fathers as they both loved birds, too, and we feel they are here with us :)

We have saved and bought only the best equipment for our baby birds, none of which are cheap but to raise quality hand-raised birds, who can put a price on giving them the best start in life?

We only use professionally built LORY 10 brooders & INCA 100 Incubators from D.M.P Engineering. Ltd in Israel.

Each one of our Hand Raised Babies is weighed after every feed and monitored, and all growth weights are recorded. We DNA sex non- dimorphic species and are rung with our leg bands unique to us, letters and numbers which help reunite you and your lost Bird if the unthinkable happens.

Please only buy FULLY WEANED baby parrot/parrots from reputable breeders, not from other sources that cannot supply any information on the birds or their needs, i.e. Diet required, age of bird etc. and just want to sell the bird and are all too keen to clip their wings without a thought for the health or wellbeing of the bird .... Most of us reputable breeders really put a lot of hard work into producing High-Quality birds and to preserve pure bloodlines. We do not believe in the mixing of breeds/types of parrots, known as hybridizing.

We provide our Customers with a DNA sexing certificate of non- dimorphic species and with, a hatch certificate and a care booklet to help them with the introduction to their new family member and their care requirements and helpful information.

Our Birds are hand raised from approximately ten days old till fully weaned at between 8 and 16 weeks old, depending on the species of bird and weaned on to fresh fruit and greens, freshly sprouted seed, and an all-Australian good quality small parrot mix

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