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Our Baby Birds That We have Hand Raised @ Beaks & Feathers Aviaries

We specialise in Genuine Hand Raised Baby Companion Parrots. We enjoy Hand Raising and take pride in nurturing a Feathered Best Friend to become a member of your Family. 

We breed a wide variety  of parrots including  Green Cheek Conures ie Normals, Cinnamons, Yellow sided, We also have Highly Coloured Yellow sided, Pineapples and High Red Pineapple Conures, Pearly Conures, Black Capped Conures, Rose Crowned Conures, Crimson Bellied Conures, Peach Fronted Conures, Sun Conures. Pied Sun Conures, Golden Capped Conures Jenday Conures, Black Headed Caiques, White bellied Caiques, Alexandrine Parrots,  and Amazons Parrots as well the above babies will be for sale when available

Each baby has its own personality. Some Parrots are known for their Talking ie Amazons and Alexandrines Parrots. Some are more known for their playful clown antics ie Caiques, Green Cheek Conures. Sun Conures are known for their Personality and affectionate behaviour and Beautiful Yellow and orange Plumage.

 All our baby parrots are raised in a loving, caring, smoke free environment. We spend hours a day with our babies to ensure they are well socialized and as friendly as they can be. As our birds are all we do and spend pretty much all day everyday with them!

You can pick your baby before it is weaned BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT NO BABIES WILL BE ALLOWED TO GO TO THEIR NEW HOMES UNTIL FULLY WEANED AND FLYING. (Times vary but usually between 8-13 weeks of age)

Our babies will be DNA sexed and come with a DNA sexing certificate or nest sexed if they can be.


Also we will provide you with an information booklet and a hatch Certificat  too.


THINGS TO REMEMBER a parrot reflects on how it was raised, the way it was raised from birth till ten weeks old is going to be the way that parrot relates to life, Remember you’re not just buying a parrot you’re buying a best friend and a companion.

Remember we are a Conure Parrot breeder and have many quality birds including Asiatic, Amazons ans Caiques Etc. as well.

So if you are after a special Feathered addition to your Family we are sure you will be able to find that special Companion Parrot from our Aviary.

From time to time we will also have available breeding pairs and parent raised birds suitable for adding to your own collection.


Please contact us for pricing and for further information and availability

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